Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

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Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

How to protect yourself against any problem during travelling.

Whenever you apply for a travel visa, one of the required documents is travel insurance, but do you really need it?
Insurance is supposed to help you in case there is an emergency or something goes wrong while you are travelling. The types of emergencies covered differ according to the insurance policy you buy. As the number of emergencies covered increase, the price of the insurance increases.


Things Usually Covered By Travel Insurance:

1. Emergency medical expenses such as hospital admittance fees, ambulance fees, medicine fees, etc. The coverage available differs according to the insurance purchased. The more expensive the insurance policy, the higher the limit.
2. Airport trouble such as losing your luggage or flight delay or missing a flight.
3. Loss of passport or personal belongings such as your mobile or your computer or jewelry. Of course, there is always a limit to the covered value.
4. Accidents such as transportation accidents. This means it covers any expenses related to accidents that happen to you while you are traveling.


As the number of emergencies covered increase, the price of the insurance increases.

In conclusion, travel insurance is like any other insurance; its only value is that it gives you peace of mind. It’s an added layer of security, because you know that if anything wrong happens, you won’t have to carry the financial burden on your own. So, whether it is required or not, you should always purchase travel insurance before heading for a vacation, especially that it doesn’t cost a lot if you buy it directly from an insurance company.

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