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Faydety is here to help you navigate your financial universe

We will help you Understand & Compare different products saving you time and money

By the way it’s also completely Free! There are no hidden fees, charges or subscriptions.

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How It Works

We partner with leading banks allowing you to find, compare and apply for different banking products.
Our business model is simple and it's free.


Find and compare the financial products that you need. and if there is something you don't understand, we will help you.


Use our simple online application process to fill in your details at your own pace. Come back anytime and we’ll be here. (Coming Soon)


We’ll help get you approved, then you just have to visit the bank and sign some papers. (Coming Soon)

Most importantly your information is safe with us. We will never share it with anyone unless you ask us to and we will constantly work with the top security experts to make sure it is always safe.