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Who wins? Freelancers vs. Full-timers Photographers

Publish Date: 07 Mar 2021

Compare & Contrast

Who wins? Freelancers vs. Full-timers Photographers

Full comparison of photographers, freelancers, and full-time in a company, in terms of salaries and job stability

People who are their own bosses and command their own hours have always existed. But recently the term “freelancer” has become very popular and further popularized by companies like UBER or Talabat.

In this series of articles, we aim to compare the pros and cons of freelancing vs full time work for a specific profession (this week we will focus on Photographers). 

Demand for photographers has exploded in our growing social media & E-commerce world. The job requires talent as well as taking courses and work-shops to improve your skillset as well as being able to cover different job types. 

Here are 5 points to take into consideration before deciding to become a full-time or freelance photographer:


1- Stability:


  • Fulltime: This one may be obvious that a full time job gives you significantly more stability than a freelance position and typically carries benefits (medical insurance, social insurance, etc.) that protect against any down side risk you may have in case work decreases or you fall ill and are unable to work.
  • Freelancer: As a freelancer you have to make sure that you buy medical insurance to cover any potential medical bills and while that does offer some protection if you are unable to work you will have no earnings. 


2 - Income:


  • Fulltime: Salaries range between LE 2,700 to LE 8,000 pounds monthly but that doesn’t take into account the cost of all the benefits you do not get as a freelancer. 
  • Freelancer: Jobs have a wide range from LE1,000 to LE 15,000 depending on your track record and the number of hours required for the job.


This job requires talent as well as taking courses and work-shops to improve your skillset 


3- Expenses:


  • Fulltime: As a full timer the only expense you need to worry about is your meals and transportation to and from work. All other expenses are borne by the company and you do not have to worry about them.
  • Freelancer: Not only do you have to carry all the expenses of your operation which can grow into a very large amount and require significant tracking. It can also require a large upfront investment to buy a camera, lenses, filters, etc.


4- Rules:


  • Fulltime: As a full timer you will need to follow your company rules, from dress code to working hours, etc. 
  • Freelancer: Simple there are no rules. Work when you want, dress as you want, do whatever you want. 


5- Team:


  • Fulltime: One of the main benefits is related to the team around you and how they can support you both professionally and personally. Some of the greatest friends you can make can start out as co-workers. 
  • Freelancer: You are alone, accept it, embrace it and move on.


Obviously the basic rule applies, high risk = high reward. While being a freelancer can be financially significantly more lucrative, it requires a high degree of risk and personal sacrifice.

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