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The Difference in Currency Rates on Monday 28th of June 2021

Publish Date: 28 Jun 2021

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The Difference in Currency Rates on Monday 28th of June 2021

Let's know the foreign currencies rates today

Foreign exchange rates differed from the Egyptian pound at the beginning of transactions in Egyptian banks, today, Monday, June 28, 2021. and there was stability in the exchange rates of some currencies, including the Dollar and Euro.


If you’re interested in finding out more foreign currency rates in comparison to the Egyptian Pound, compare them right here using Faydety’s Currency Converter.


And we have collected here the prices of the most important foreign currencies for sale and purchase on 28 June 2021.


US Dollar


Purchase Price: 15.61 EGP

Sale Price: 15.74 EGP


UK Sterling


Purchase Price: 21.66 EGP

Sale Price: 21.85EGP




Purchase Price: 18.63 EGP

Sale Price: 18.79 EGP


Saudi Riyal


Purchase Price: 4.16 EGP

Sale Price: 4.20 EGP


UAE Dirham


Purchase Price: 4.25 EGP

Sale Price: 4.29 EGP


Kuwaiti Dinar


Purchase Price: 51.85 EGP

Sale Price: 52.28 EGP


Swiss Franc


Purchase Price:17.01 EGP

Sale Price: 17.15 EGP


 Jordanian Dinar


Purchase Price: 21.99 EGP

Sale Price: 22.23 EGP



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