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The profits of the stock exchange in Mid-May 2021

Publish Date: 10 May 2021

Finance Today

The profits of the stock exchange in Mid-May 2021

The latest stock exchange trades – Mid-May 2021

The Stock Exchange ended its transactions on Sunday, May 9, 2021, with a collective increase in the indices, with the exception of a drop in the index of small and medium-sized companies due to purchases by Egyptian and Arab dealers. Overall the profit was 4.9 billion EGP and closed at 663.849 billion EGP.


High and Low Indicators:


  • The EGX 30 index rose by 0.52% and closed at 10,643 points


  • The EGX50 index rose by 0.19% and closed at 2,087 points


  • The EGX 30 index of the specified weights increased by 0.42% and closed at 12,854 points


  • The EGX 100 index of equal weights rose 0.01% and closed at 3,050 points


  • The EGX30 index of total return settled at a rate of 0.67% at 4,125 points


  • The index of small and medium enterprises EEGX 70 of equal weights decreased by 0.08% and closed at 2,129 points



Overall the profit was 4.9 billion EGP and closed at 663.849 billion EGP.



Traded Sectors:



1.The real estate sector led the traded sectors in terms of trading value during the sessions of the first week of May 2021, with volume of 250.9 million papers valued at 606.6 million EGP.


2. The non-banking financial services sector came in second, with a circulation of 334.2 million papers valued at 350.2 million EGP.


3. The food, beverage, and tobacco sector ranked third, with a circulation volume of 51.3 million papers valued at 308.5 million EGP.


4. The textile and durable goods sector had a circulation of 139.8 million papers, valued at 246.6 million EGP


5.The contracting and construction engineering sector had a circulation volume of 121.04 million papers, valued at 165.9 million EGP


The telecommunications, media, and information technology sector came in last, with a circulation of 14.9 million executed papers worth 160.4 million EGP.

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