10 Great Ideas for Economic Valentine Day Gifts

Publish Date: 04 Feb 2021

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10 Great Ideas for Economic Valentine Day Gifts

A full list you can choose from if you did buy the Valentine gift yet

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but you don’t need to rob a bank to profess your undying love. Here are 10 gift ideas which won’t be budget busters:


1- Single Day Trips: Plan a one day trip over the weekend and go sightseeing or breathe some fresh air. You have a wide range of choices from Alexandria, Ein-Sokhna, Al Fayoum, Sakkara, or El Borolous with trips starting at 400 LE per couple


2- Silver: Silver is a fashionable metal which can be bought in the form of jewelry for both men and women.


3- Massage Sessions or Tools: Who doesn’t sit and daydream about getting a massage to melt the stress away. You can either book your significant other a massage session or better yet buy one of the massage tools that start at 200LE and they can use them anytime they like.


4- Daily Use Items: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a gift is functionality. Things like perfumes or make-up are daily essentials for most girls and women and offer a wide range of options at an even wider range of prices starting at 100LE.


Plan a one day trip over the weekend and go sightseeing or breathe some fresh air


5- Road Comforts: Most people dread their daily work commute, why not offer them some respite through a travel pillow or an insulated mug to keep their homemade coffee or tea warm saving them some money as well.


6- Personalized Gifts: Nothing makes a person feel more special than a personalized gift, it shows both thoughtfulness and effort. So go out of your way and get them that custom t-shirt or a mug with something special on it.


7- Photography Session: We all know the dreaded pictures we take and claim how we’re not photogenic. Why not book a photography session with a professional to allow your loved one to truly shine, with sessions starting at 300 LE.


8- Traditional Gifts: Don’t like any of the above, fret not. You can always go the traditional route, books, flowers, or chocolate. But make sure you get the kind your partner loves as it's the small details that show you truly care.


9- A Nice Picnic: You know the way to his or her heart is their stomach, fine. Cook something hearty or put together a good picnic basket and head out to look for some green fields. (Azhar park tickets are 25LE on weekdays and 30LE on the weekends)

10- Jar Full of Hope: Don’t have a penny to spend, it’s ok we still have a solution for you. Get a jar, do a little decorating and fill it with inspiring words and poems. That way whenever they are down, they know you are there for them.

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