5 Mothers Days Gifts on a Budget

Publish Date: 07 Mar 2021

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5 Mothers Days Gifts on a Budget

What will you buy on Mother's day, and you'll pay cash or with the Credit Card?

Mothers day is almost here and we’re sure you’re all thinking of what can I get her that won’t be a budget buster. Here are some ideas to help you balance between your budget and your mother's happiness. 


1- A new Smartphone so she can talk to you and the entire family


Smartphones have a wide range of pricing starting as low as LE 1,500 and all the way up to as much as your imagination can go. Also, it’ll be nice to bond on helping her to set it up or transfer it from her old phone. 


2- Household Appliances


Mothers are the hardest working people on the planet with the toughest jobs. What better gift can you give them than a gift which can reduce their workload. The list is endless between dishwashers, vacuum cleaners or even a speaker to listen to her favorite music while doing her housework. The range is endless and starts only at LE 100!


There's nothing a mother would cherish more than spending time with her child


3- Gold or Silver


Gold & Silver have been cherished for thousands of years and still prove to be highly valuable gifts. This is again something that allows you to spend according to your budget and need and can be something personal (necklace or bracelet) or something to display in the house.


4 - Gift Card


If you don’t know what your mother wants and want to give her a gift but not limit her to a specific item. A gift card is always special and is available from different retailers to allow her to buy whatever she wants. 


5 - Time


There's nothing a mother would cherish more than spending time with her child, and there are so many ideas that would be made special with a card and some flowers:


  • Taking her out to lunch
  • Taking her to the cinema
  • A picnic
  • A Nile cruise on a felucca
  • Honestly, the list is endless


Also, remember if you are unable to pay immediately you can use your credit card, and if you don’t have one go onto Credit Cards from Faydety and find out which credit card is best for you and even apply online if you need to!!!

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