The History of Chocolate

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The History of Chocolate

Do you love Chocolate? what is your information about its trade

If you close your eyes and try to imagine the uses of the beloved chocolate, I would highly doubt it was once used as currency with which you could even pay taxes with and that’s only in its cocoa bean form before they even invented the mix called chocolate. Latin American societies used to deal with the cocoa tree which brought them closer to their gods through a hot drink made with cocoa, peppers, and some spices.


Chocolate, as we know it today, was invented around the 19th century in Holland by  Coenraad van Houten who invented a chocolate press which Josephy Fry then transformed into the first modern chocolate bar.


The Global Chocolate Trade (Largest Exporters by Country):


  • Germany: 16.9%
  • Belgium:10.9%
  • Italy:7.3%
  • Holland:7.0%
  • Poland:6.3%
  • USA:5.7%
  • Canada:5.5%
  • France:4.2%
  • UK:3.3%
  • Switzerland:2.9%


The Swiss have the highest consumption per capita of chocolate in the world


Largest 4 Producing Countries of Chocolate:

  • USA: Revenues from sales are in excess of US$ 20 billion
  • Switzerland:Revenues from sales are in excess of US$ 14 billion
  • Belgium:Revenues from sales are in excess of US$ 12 billion
  • Germany:Revenues from sales are in excess of US$ 10 billion


Highest Cocoa Production:


While you might assume that the highest production of cocoa would be in Latin America where the plant was discovered, in reality West Africa holds the dominant position with over 30% of the global cocoa production. (Côte D’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, & Cameroon)


Random Chocolate Facts:


  • The Swiss have the highest consumption per capita of chocolate in the world
  • Zurich is the world's most famous city for the production of chocolate
  • Switzerland has more than 100 brands of chocolate the most famous of which are Toblerone, Nestle, and Lindt
  • The largest global producer of chocolate is Barry Callebaut in Belgium
  • Cadbury is a very famous English chocolate producer
  • Nutella was invented during WWII when there a shortage of chocolate by the Italian firm Ferrero Rocher


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