3 Easy ways to save for a vacation

Publish Date: 09 Aug 2020

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3 Easy ways to save for a vacation

Let's pack for your next trip!

Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to go on a vacation due to its multifaceted expenses such as visa fees, plane tickets, accommodation expenses, etc. Yet, there are a few easy methods you can employ so that you can save enough money for a well-deserved vacation.


1-Let go of expensive bad habits


It can be hard to break a bad habit, as it takes a lot of effort and time. However, if you succeed, you will find that you can save good money that can be used in more useful aspects. Some examples of bad habits you can break include:

-Cigarettes: this might be a prime example of a bad habit that costs a lot without any real benefits to you. Conversely, it can cost you even more money if it gets you sick.

-Caffeine: whether it is coffee, tea, or soda, caffeine affects your nervous system and if it contains sugar, it becomes harmful to your health.  You can argue that a can of cola only costs EGP 5 and that is basically nothing. However, if you spend five pounds every day, you are spending at least EGP 150 per month, which translates to EGP 1800 per year.  This is almost how much the visa fees cost.


When it comes to savings, it is not “go big or go home”.


2-Save a small amount of money everyday


When we consider saving money, we always get trapped in thinking that it has to be big amounts of money. This is a common mistake, because when it comes to savings, it is not “go big or go home”. Any small amount of money saved will make a difference. Even if you save EGP 20 every week and put it in your savings account; by the end of the year, you will have saved EGP 1000.


3-Sell whatever you don’t need


We hoard things all the time, even if we don’t need them. Take inventory of the things you have at your house, and whatever you don’t need, sell. You can use websites such as Olx, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace to list it. Whatever money you make, don’t spend it, but put it in your savings account instead.

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