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5 Ways to achieve happiness with money

Publish Date: 20 Apr 2021

Money Tips

5 Ways to achieve happiness with money

Let's know how to achieve happiness through many different ways!

We all know the saying “money can’t buy happiness,” this is true. However, it can buy comfort. In this way, it is plausible to say that money can help you achieve happiness to a certain extent, depending on how you use it. Here, we will outline five ways in which money can make you happy.




Indulge in some retail therapy and pamper yourself! It is a well-known fact that certain activities such as shopping, or enjoying a relaxing day at the spa can, in fact, boost a person’s mood. This is particularly the case for women. A piece of advice: rather than carrying cash around, we recommend having a credit card on hand instead to make payments. It just makes the process so much easier.


If you’re interested in finding out other ways that credit cards can be useful for you, 5 Reasons To Use a Credit Card is worth a read. If you’d like to apply for a credit card quickly and easily, check out Faydety’s Credit Card Finder.





If you have some extra cash lying around, consider getting on the next plane and traveling for a couple of days to your favorite exotic location. This is sure to put anyone in the happiest of moods. Don’t have enough money saved up? Not to worry! Apply for a personal travel loan and easily repay it later on. 


Interested in this? Apply now using Faydety’s Personal Loan Finder.



You can achieve happiness through many different things like: Shopping, buy a car, renovate your home or even travel.



Use Your Money To Make More Money!


There are ways for you to start earning from the money you already have, with little to no effort on your part. Simply head to the bank and tie your money to an investment certificate. That way, you will receive profit from this investment either monthly, quarterly, or every six months, depending on your initial agreement with the bank.



Buy a Car 


Traffic is probably one of the many things that may negatively affect your psyche, particularly living in a chaotic city such as Cairo. From constantly being late to work as you wait for your Uber to pick you up, to using the city’s disorganized and inefficient public transportation, your happiness may be significantly affected. Consider buying your own car. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough cash to do so; we have the solution for you, simply apply for a car loan and pay your bank in installments according to your needs.


Compare loans from different banks using Faydety’s Car Loan Finder and find the right one for you.



Buy A House


Interested in making some lifestyle changes and starting a new life? Why not consider buying a new house? There is no better feeling than opening that front door and walking into a new home. If you’re worried about the money needed to make such a daunting decision; we’re here to give you a hand! Apply for a housing loan and choose the most suitable option for you to make your dreams come true.

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