Things you can do on International Neighbor Day!

Publish Date: 17 May 2021

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Things you can do on International Neighbor Day!

Start with yourself in the International Neighbor Day

In celebration of International ‘Do Something For Your Neighbor Day,’ we have outlined five things that you can do with your neighbor to mark the occasion.


1- Enter an Association with your Neighbor


Instead of entering an association with people who you will need to chase at the beginning of each month, do so with your neighbor who’s right in front of you and thus, easily accessible!


2 - Borrow from your Neighbor


Who better than your good old neighbor to lend you a quick helping hand when you’re in a bind?


If you’d like to learn more about things you could borrow, check out 5 Things You Can Borrow Instead of Buying. 



Get the benefit of the Gym offers, and take the joint membership with your favorite neighbor



3 - Joint Internet Subscription


Why pay for an internet subscription on your own when you could subscribe to one with your neighbor and divide the cost amongst yourselves?


4 - Joint Gym Membership


Gyms usually offer various membership options, one of which is memberships with friends. Consider taking advantage of this by taking your neighbor along and become members together at the gym next door. That way, you make the most of the membership offer while also encouraging you both to focus on your health and fitness. 


5 - Carpooling To Work


If your offices are nearby, consider carpooling to work with your neighbor and pay your share of the gas price. The benefit is two-fold - you end up saving some money while also giving your own cars a rest every once in a while!


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