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Tips to Follow When Using A Credit Card

Publish Date: 15 Jun 2020

Money Tips

Tips to Follow When Using A Credit Card

How to protect your Credit Card?

Nowadays, the use of credit cards has become easier than ever. The majority of stores, whether physical or online, accept cards. This is a welcome option for those of us who do not like walking around with wads of cash in our pockets. Moreover, our increasingly digitized world has led to the prevalence of online shopping, which has simultaneously instigated an increased demand for credit cards. Nevertheless, it is important to note that credit cards are exposed to certain risks; risks you should be aware of and watch out for when using this payment method.


Therefore, below are essential pieces of advice to follow at all times to use your credit card safely and securely:


1- Write Your Signature On The Back Of Your Card


When you first receive your card, turn it over and write your signature on the back of the card. This is extremely important as it serves as an identity check and protects it against any potential theft. When you make any purchases, the store compares your signature with the signature on the back of the card to make sure that the purchase is legitimate.


2- Don’t Share Your Credit Card Password With Anyone


Keep your credit card password to yourself, and don’t share it with anyone! Also, do not keep it in the same place as your card, because if for any reason, it were to get stolen, the thief would have all the information he needs to gain access to your money.


3- Check Your Payment Amounts


Before making any payments, make sure that the amount written on the POS machine is the same as what’s on your receipt.



Keep your credit card password to yourself, and don’t share it with anyone!



4- Don’t Use Your Card On Unsecured Websites


Do not use your card on unsecured websites, as this exposes you to credit card theft. To avoid this, only use it on very well-known websites where you can ensure data protection. In addition, do not save your credit card information on any websites; if for any reason the website’s security is compromised, it will expose you to card theft as well.


5- Don’t Share Your Credit Card Data With Anyone


Your credit card contains very sensitive information; therefore, keep it safe at all times. Do not take a picture of your card and send it to another person for any reason, even if asked to do so. Do not share the card data with anyone over the phone, especially with an unknown person or company. There are times when you will need to do so, for instance, when booking an airline ticket through customer service, but these situations are exceptions and not a norm that you should abide by.


6- Check Your Monthly Bank Statement Before Making Payments


Check your monthly bank statement before paying your credit card. Ensure that there have been no unauthorized transactions. If you notice any unanticipated transactions, inform your bank immediately. 


If for any reason, you ever feel that you are in a position or situation in which you are not comfortable when making a payment, then it might be best not to use your credit card at all and ask to use another payment method instead.


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