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Top 5 Shopping Sites to Use in Egypt in April 2021

Publish Date: 01 Apr 2021

Money Tips

Top 5 Shopping Sites to Use in Egypt in April 2021

This one is for the shopping addicated

Online shopping has become an essential part of life with most brick and mortar stores developing an online presence. But a few websites stand out as the best generalists out there:


1- Souq (General Shopping for Items from Egypt) was established in the UAE in 2005 and went on a regional expansion to other Arab countries. It is one of the best sites of general shopping of all types of random objects and is constantly improving after being acquired by Amazon. 


2- Edfa3ly (General Shopping for any item from Aboard) 


Edfa3ly is a shopping service specializing in the delivery of products that you bought from abroad. It’s simple (1) you send them the product you want, (2) they buy it on your behalf, and (3) they deliver it to you after clearing customs in Egypt.


Online shopping has become an essential part of life


3- IKEA (Furniture) 


IKEA is the largest furniture retailer globally and is world famous for its designs, quality, and affordability. You can now shop for most of your furniture with them online and they offer both delivery and assembly services.


4- H&M (Clothes) 


H&M needs no introduction, and now you can shop their full range of affordable items online, with large discounts applied periodically. 


5- 2B (Electronics)


2B is an electronics site which was founded in 2000 then bought by the American company Best Buy. The site has a full range of electronics from computers to home appliances, to mobiles, and you can buy and buy bills by card or cash on delivery.

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